April 23, 2015

This is a top-notch physical therapy practice. I recommend it to my patients without reservation. We’re blessed to have practitioners who go beyond the classic PT right here in Westchester, without having to travel to NYC to get such sophisticated work.

Joan Adria D'Amico

One of the Best
April 22, 2015

Liz Ingalls is one of the best Physical Therapists I have ever encountered! I would encourage my friends and family to try her!
Joan Adria D’Amico I agree with you, Norma. I just had a session with Liz where she worked on my digestive issues. I feel like a new woman. Thank you!
Norma Curtin Oh yes ! I’m happy to hear that also ! She is so gentle and so knowledgeable on the human body and makes you feel so comfortable , relaxed and so much better ! She’s not only a great PT , but also inspiring and admirable ! Thank you Joan !

Norma Curtin

Happy Patient
January 30, 2016

I have had to have some physical therapy over my lifetime, but I’ve never had anyone before as knowledgeable as Liz Ingalls. She understood my underlying disease immediately and has treated me appropriately. I am making good progress without relapsing and becoming too sick to continue…….this is a first for me. My doctor says Liz is one of the best physical therapists in the county and he praised her excellent judgment and perfectionism about her work…….I would call it passion. I’m a happy patient 😊)

Eileen Tomkins

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