Beyond Traditional

Liz Ingalls approach to physical therapy goes well beyond the traditional. Her mastery in alternative manual therapies has helped me heal my body in a way that other therapists have not. My neck and shoulder pain have eased greatly, and my steadiness in walking and over-all posture are much improved, thanks to Liz.

John T Bedford, NY

Liz’s Treatment Prevented Me from Getting 3rd Back Surgery

Liz’s treatment has helped me tremendously. I have had two back operations for herniated discs and was scheduled for a third operation in 2001 for a large bulging disc in my lower back. Liz’s work has helped me to get back to normal and avoid the third operation. I am now able to play golf and sports on a regular basis. Her knowledge of the body and nervous system has given me great comfort in that I am confident she understands my issue and can treat me successfully.

Michael H. NY, NY

Some Pain Turned to Total Incapacitation

In late November 2005 I began to experience pain which would radiate down the back of my left leg and thigh. By early December I found myself totally incapacitated due to a herniated disk. The excruciating pain prevented me from walking properly and forced me to use a cane to stabilize myself. No position was comfortable – not even lying down. The need to take pain killers was ever present. When the pain finally subsided, I took the advice of my rehab doctor and sought the professional help of a physical therapist. I found Liz Ingalls.
By the first week in January, I was back to work. By the end of January, I no longer needed a cane. By March/April I had no restrictions on what I could do – even bowl – and I’m now pain free. My neurologist is amazed at my recovery and without surgery.

Fran F. NY, NY

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