Call her!

Liz is a caring, gifted, healer and has a deep understanding of the body and mind coming from multiple perspectives. On top of that she is easy to work with and talk to. I feel very fortunate that we found her. I would definitely recommend seeing her for what ever may be troubling you. She devotes every moment of appointments directly to you. We are lucky to have her nearby. Call her!

Richard Grimaldi, NY

Very Grateful!

Liz has been a huge part of my healing journey with my gastrointestinal pain.  I am very grateful!  The Somatic Emotional Release combined with the visceral therapy has made tremendous positive shifts!


Highly Recommended!

I have worked with Liz for 11 years now, and she is the only expert who can actually provide me with lymphatic system relief from pain and stagnancy. I have chronic Lyme disease and I improve immediately and dramatically after every session with her. I no longer even live in New York but I come back specifically to see Liz and get such extraordinary treatment. Would highly recommend to any and all!

Amanda Coker, NY

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