What Is Holistic Therapy and
How can It Benefit You?

Whether you’re seeking treatment for physical or mental illness, approaching your treatment methods with a holistic mechanism is often the best way to achieve life-long wellness. Unlike traditional Western medicine, which frequently targets specific areas of the body to treat with pharmaceuticals, holistic therapy’s focus is to address all aspects of an individual to lead an overall well-balanced and healthier lifestyle. In better terms, the idea behind holistic therapy is to help individuals undergoing treatment to achieve “wholeness” when it comes to their lifestyle.

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Holistic healing addresses all areas of an individual’s well-being, such as physical, emotional and mental, and recognizes that each of these attributes go hand-in-hand. For example, perhaps a knee injury has limited an avid skier’s ability to hit the slopes every day during the winter. The skier would very likely undergo physical therapy, which is beneficial in many ways, such as eliminating pain, learning the proper exercises to do to strengthen the area throughout the injury, and getting on a proper fitness program that works with the body’s constraints. If this skier were to take this one step further with a holistic approach. they could receive the “traditional” therapy methods in addition to other wellness-focused programs integrated into the physical therapy to address all aspects of the injury including compensations or exacerbations of old injuries that could perpetuate pain and dysfunction or lead to future injury. The idea behind holistic therapy is that when a part of the body is injured, the rest of the body is affected as well. Incorporating such programs into treatment addresses the other affected areas of the body, allowing the individual to heal as a whole.

Why Is It Important?

Holistic therapy helps users undergoing treatment instill lifelong habits of wellness into their lifestyles, Holistic therapy provides a way for those being treated to heal in all areas of their lives, in mind, body and spirit. In contrast, “traditional” therapies often only focus on the injured body part rather than the “whole” you.

No matter the type of therapy you are receiving or looking to receive, there is almost always a holistic means of treatment available. Holistic therapy has the ability to heal you in mind, body and spirit.

This article originally appeared in Mom Offers More.

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